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-Welcome on the Infinite Wars Wiki page.+{{  http://​​mjMm9KU.png?​270x70 ​ }} 
 +Welcome on the official Wiki page of [[http://​|d'​Infinite Wars]] 
 +This page is here to help you with advices and suggestions.\\  
 +This wiki is for people: 
 +  * of any level, 
 +  * who want to share their knowledge about [[http://​|Infinite Wars]]. 
 +You are interested to help us but it's your first time on a Wiki? We create a special ​page [[playground:​playground|playground]] where you can try all the tools. 
 +Start now using this Wiki: 
 +[[:​units:​|Units]] | [[:​buildings:​|Buildings]] | [[:​researchs:​|Researchs]]
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